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Abortion Counseling Cockermouth

Abortion counseling is a specialised type of counseling services designed to assist women who are considering clinic abortion, pregnancy termination or who have had these services performed. Abortion cost can sometimes be a concern that is weighed against the cost of supporting a child that is carried to term. Counseling services professionals can discuss abortion cost of pregnancy termination with you, as well as offer future family planning services and then schedule a clinic abortion if that is your choice. Abortion centres may also often contraception options for women who want to avoid pregnancy. See below to locate abortion counseling#r#.

Brookside Centre
01697 366650
Birdcage Walk

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Candice Pugh
01228 882832
Shundraw Farm
Mind National Association For Mental Health Workington Local Ass
(019) 006-6518
12 High Street
Family Court Advice
01946 833833
Belle Vue CR
West Cumbria Domestic Violence Support
(019) 006-7167
25-27 Washington Street
Aer Hypnotherapy Centre
01900 821063
East Gate House
Bob Park
01768 483947
Croft House
Turning Point
01900 604086
17c Fisher Street
Citizens Advice Bureau
01900 604735
Vulcans Lane
Rising Sun Trust
01900 870034
17 Fisher Street
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