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Dedicated Servers and Shared Servers Seascale

As everyone reading should know (just by being here!), web hosts own and operate the servers, or dedicated "communications computers," that allow users to place websites on the Internet for public and/or private viewing and use in Seascale.

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Dedicated Servers and Shared Servers

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Understanding The Difference Between Dedicated Servers Vs Shared Servers

Author: Robert
As everyone reading should know (just by being here!), web hosts own and operate the servers, or dedicated "communications computers," that allow users to place websites on the Internet for public and/or private viewing and use. Before choosing a web host, a user must first have a registered domain name and the ability to create the pages that will be uploaded, although some hosts will provide basic tools for this. A user has three possible options for a web hosting service-virtual private servers, shared servers and dedicated servers-but the purpose of this article is to offer help in selecting among the two most popular kinds, dedicated and shared. These are differentiated by the amount of control a user needs or wants, as well as level of responsibility the user must share in the smooth, consistent and continuous running of the website and the server on which it is located.

Shared web hosting As the name denotes, shared web hosting means a number of small to medium-sized users upload their websites and "serve" them up to the Internet from a single, shared server. This is a popular option for beginners, individuals, small and/or new business, or organizations such as non-profits with limited budgets. All shared web hosting packages offer very little in the way of bandwidth (traffic) and disk space (storage). The shared option is the best choice when the user does not expect much traffic and doesn't need to store space-hogging media files (audio, video, animations, etc.). With a shared web hosting deal, the maintenance of the server, its organization of files, software installations, security updates and so forth are the responsibility of the host provider. The host is accountable for keeping the server up and running, and they will use powerful "administration" software to run the entire server, while offering the individual users limited "control panels" for managing their own sites. Most of the shared web servers are running on the Linux Operating System (OS) as it has tremendous flexibility and is an open-source (essentially free) OS. However, other web host providers use the Microsoft Windows platform, and some use both Linux and Windows.

Dedicated web hosting As the name once again suggests, dedicated web hosting means each website is on a single, dedicated server, shared with no other website under any conditions. This is the option to take when a user expects to get a large amount of traffic and/or needs much more bandwidth then available in a shared hosting package. Dedicated servers can handle volume traffic with greater ease, and will be required if you need complex web applications, secure information exchange and highly customized activities at your website. The dedicated server hosting plans give the user 100% control over their sites and servers, but with that comes 100% of the responsibility to keep the website running smooth and performing consistently. This type of web hosting, therefore, requires the user to have the technical and managerial knowledge to monitor the systems and rectify any problems at once. This type of hosting is best for professionals who need full control, which obviously includes large corporations and organizations as well as most commercial operations.

A recap of comparative strengths - Shared servers are servers that are shared with several other businesses or organizations, and you will have only limited control over server operations. You will have full control over your own site's look and operation, however, but remember that someone else on the server can bring your site down. - A dedicated server is one that is used only by you, and can't be interfered with by a third party. If you have the requisite expertise and equipment, it can be maintained and hosted at your own place of business, although it is more frequently done at a hosting company's location. - The size of the budget you are working, and the specific details of your business needs and Internet goals, will determine which hosting service you choose. - A dedicated server belongs to you and no other recipient. You have all control over the "box", which means you will pay a higher price for a dedicated server.

About The AuthorAmy Armitage is the head of Business Development for Lunarpages. Lunarpages provides quality web hosting from their US-based hosting facility. They offer a wide-range of services from linux virtual private servers and managed solutions to shared and reseller hosting plans.

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