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Flashing Installation Egremont

More and more masonry contractors, builders, and architects are realizing the importance of simplifying flashing installation in Egremont. Read on to learn more about flashing installation and flashing products.

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Flashing Installation

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Publication date: July 1, 2007


More and more masonry contractors, builders, and architects are realizing the importance of simplifying flashing installation. The cost savings realized with light gauge, prefabricated Cop-R-Corners and End Dams add up quickly, and the watertight integrity they provide is invaluable.

These flashing products offer several advantages.

  • Dimensions are adjustable for varying CMU joint heights with a generous flange width to fit 1-in. or 2-in. cavity walls and various exterior brick widths.
  • Available in two-piece sets for either an inside or outside corner; universal end dams are sold separately.
  • Asphalt coated at all soldered seams and flanges for better mortar bonding and a watertight seal.
  • Unique, folded fabrication process minimizes solder joints and ensures waterproofing integrity.
  • Meets flashing manufacturer's specifications requiring prefabricated corner assemblies.
  • Compatible standard 5-oz copper weight that lasts the life of the structure.
  • Easy to handle and trim in the field to fit most any condition.
  • Saves valuable field fabrication time and results in significant cost savings, while assuring the job gets done right.

Advanced Building Products, 800-252-2306, www.advancedflashing.com

Peel-and-seal tape covers several surfaces

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