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Locating at a Leased Data Centre St Bees

Hosting your servers in a leased data centre in St Bees is one problem that most people don't even consider when deciding on a colocation facility. But if you're serious about finding a reliable provider, this is something you need to consider.

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Locating at a Leased Data Centre

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Dangers of Locating at a Leased Data Center: Why Property Management is the New Blind Spot

Author: Saleh Tousi

Hosting your servers in a leased data center is one problem that most people don't even consider when deciding on a colocation facility. But if you're serious about finding a reliable provider, this is something you need to consider. When locating at a leased facility, there are a number of factors that are not within the provider's control that can affect you and that you or your provider cannot do anything about.

First and foremost, a leased building is not in the control of data center provider. They are at the mercy of the landlord and are subject to his will. Factors that are out the company's hands include power, infrastructure and building rights.


Power is absolutely essential and data centers tend to use up a lot of it. From powering the servers and cooling systems to running 24-hour security and fire protection systems, data centers are infamous for using resources. But it's not always the case that landlords allow companies to use an unlimited amount of power. Changes in the lease could prevent the facility from using the amount of power that they need. This could lead to increased power-outages or decreases in essential services such as cooling.

Physical Infrastructure

Another factor that most people don't consider is the fact the physical building isn't under the control of the company leasing the property. There are certain limitations imposed on the facility that are beyond their control. Even something as simple as installing additional cameras for security or an enhanced fire protection system may not be allowed by leasing the company. Limiting the ability for the data center to innovate with the changing times limits the quality of service you will receive as a customer. Not having the freedom to grow and change with times will ultimately leads to an outdated facility that is not able to meet your needs.

Building Rights

The right to lease a property is another concern that most people take for granted. Leases are not static and are subject to change. Rents raise and conditions are changed. Depending on these changes, the company may be forced to raise your monthly fees to meet the demands of increased rent on the unit. Or they may be forced to vacate the building altogether.

Even worse, the company could potential get evicted from the building for reasons they may or not be able to control. If this is the case, services could be shut down at moment's notice, forcing you to find another provider at the drop of a dime. Not only is this a hassle, but it's also terrible for business. Since these events are not within the company's control, there is little to nothing they can do should the situation arise.

Host in an Owned Building

The best way to ensure that your data center is still around for years to come is to take a little preventative action. Find out if your facility owns the building they are located in. With ownership comes more control over the many factors that go into a well-run data center. Owning the building allows the facility to make the necessary improvements and changes it needs such as adding security features and fire protection. It also eliminates the worry that the company will be evicted from the premises, leaving you to find a new provider without notice.

All-in-all, hosting with a provider that owns their own property will give you a better overall experience and eliminate many concerns, worries and problems.

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