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Van & Lorry Hire Egremont

If you’re doing your home removal yourself, you should check several different places where you can rent a van or lorry. If a lorry is too large, van hire can make removal easier because you can still move more large boxes than you would be able to in a car. Even if you choose van hire over lorry hire, you’ll be able to make fewer trips than in a car. Van hire will help you with your home removal without costing a lot for petrol to get back and forth. See below to locate van & lorry hire around Egremont.

B.W Scott Ltd
(019) 006-3413
Unit 1 322 Moss Bay Road
Pollards Removals
01624 628792
39 Finch Road
Bill's Removals
01624 629155
22 York Road
KLP Property Services
07624 415905
11 Church Close Church Rd Laxey
Callister Removals
01624 629975
12 Hillcroft Governors Hill
A.E. Corkill (Removals) Ltd
01624 675495
Removal House Finch Road
01624 877977
The Gatehouse Ballaleigh
Kirk Michael
Corporate Options
01624 612888
68 Athol Street
Diamond Express
01624 819070
Ivy Cottage Gardeners Lane
Edward Bryan Removals
01624 675431
Bryan House Villa Marina Road