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Work-At-Home Forum Moderators Cleator Moor

Working as a forum moderator in Cleator Moor is a great job for those who don't like phone work. Few of the forum moderator jobs are paid, but there are many that don't offer monetary compensation, but instead they offer other bonuses and perks.

01946 853500
High Street
Cleator Moor
Morson International
(019) 466-7494
Ingwell Hall
Moor Row
Nrl Personnel Services
01946 820002
The Old Lodge
West Cumbria Personnel Services
(019) 006-6368
42 Fisher Street
01900 323700
01946 590150
Unit 12 Ingwell Hall
Moor Row
Rullion Engineering Personell Ltd
01946 518900
22 23 King Street
Roevin Management Services
01946 822922
3 Main Street
Connexions Cumbria
01900 815928
67 Wood Street
Keswick Job Centre Plus
017687 64400
Unit 1 Pack Horse Court

Work-At-Home Forum Moderators

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Work At Home Forum Moderator Job

Author: S McIntyre

Working as a forum moderator is a great job for those who don't like phone work. Few of the forum moderator jobs are paid, but there are many that don't offer monetary compensation, but instead they offer other bonuses and perks.

The most common forum moderator positions are for work at home website owners who have community forums. As their forums grow, the need for forum moderators is a must.

What does it take to obtain a forum moderator job?
There are a number of factors and each one is determined by the website forum Administrator. What comes to mind for me is how involved you are with the forum. Not many forum owners will blindly choose a forum moderator.

Here are three qualities of how a forum moderator may be chosen:

1. Involvement in the community - Are you active in the forums? Do you visit daily or almost daily? Do you welcome new members? Do you answer forum questions? Are you helpful to others or respond with helpful information?

2. Personality - Do you get a long with a diverse group of people? Too strong of a personality may be a turn off. You don't want to be a know-it-all and at the same time, you don't want to be a push-over either.

3. Work Habits - Do you lead by example? Are you diplomatic? Are you observant? Do you work well with others? Do you have a professional attitude and demeanor?

There will also be specific duties expected from a forum moderator and some of these include:

- Welcoming new members
- Remove spam posts, editing and moving posts to the correct forums
- Keeping the forum active by engaging in various discussions
- Assisting the forum Administrator with other clerical duties
- Overseeing the forum when the Administrator is not available or on vacation
- Confidentiality
- And other forum moderating duties assigned by the forum Administrator

As stated above, most forum moderator jobs are unpaid, but this is a good way to gain experience if you don't have a lot of online work experience and it's acceptable to list your volunteer jobs on your work at home resume.

Whether you got the job as an unpaid forum moderator or you volunteered, one very important aspect of becoming a forum moderator is remaining a true professional. What you do online whether you're on the forum you're moderating or elsewhere online, what you say and how you represent yourself is a reflection of you and the company or business you're involved with.

Just as easily you are made a forum moderator, this position can easily be taken away. All jobs whether paid or unpaid should be treated with respect and professionalism.

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